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Act:                     Luminescence

Genre:                  Circus-theater

Disciplines:         Physical Theater, Partner Acrobatics

Length:                4.5 minutes

A chord of discord echoes o n a moonlit night. A young maiden seeks the songs’ source, and finds a pianist lost in his miserable melody. She proceeds to emolish
his dismal daydream with a flurry of acrobatics. She tumbles and turns  entrancing the young pianist. Together they compo se a new chorus of high flying
acrobatics and breathtaking stunts, leaving him with a choice between the old song and the new. Inspired by Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata see the choice the
musician makes.

+ For all ages. 

+ No spoken language is used. 

+ This act can be performed three times on a day. 

+ No complicated technical requirements. 

Technical rider

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