Oh No!

"Oh No!" is a 20 minute circus-theater show where a small accident has big consequences for this duo, causing their show to get stuck in more ways than one. Yet the show must go on! See how these two struggle seeking a surprising and spectacular solution to save their circus.

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Here to be there

One stage, one moment, one chance to shine, and two acrobats who are both too stubborn to share it. The man is strong and steady. The woman is quick and cunning. Watch as these two provoke, pitch, and push one another to grab the spotlight for themselves. It does not take long for these acrobats to realize the best way to get the audiences’ attention is to work together. Can these two stop their quarreling to win the public over or will one steal the stage for themselves?


A chord of discord echoes on a moonlit night. A young maiden seeks the songs’ source, and finds a pianist lost in his miserable melody. She proceeds to demolish his dismal daydream with a flurry of acrobatics. She tumbles and turns entrancing the young pianist. Together they compose a new chorus of high flying acrobatics and breathtaking stunts, leaving him with a choice between the old song and the new. Inspired by Beethoven’s Moonlight Sonata see the choice the musician makes.

Keep It Up

What goes up doesn't have to come down, or at the very least don't let it hit the ground. 'Keep It Up' is the name of this diabolo game. Using their acrobatic and diabolo skills together this dui will put a new spin on a old spinning classic.